Images are thought-evoking. In fact, science has it that images travel 6,000 times faster than plain text. Thus, almost all websites and social media campaigns make use of videos to market their brands. The question is, how will your video get seen? With Google’s changing rule, i.e. view time instead of number of views, certain video marketing strategies need to be employed for your video to stand out and not just get seen, but get watched! As a business owner in Newport Beach, be guided with these reminders.

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Video Marketing Strategies in Newport Beach for Business Owners


If your video doesn’t capture your audience within 5-10 seconds, forget it! The whole purpose of a video marketing campaign is for your video  to capture your viewers’ attention, not to be dismissed or scrolled down to auto-play without an audience. So make sure that your video captures the attention of your target viewers within 10 seconds of its reel time. As viewers tend to lose interest fast, make sure that your video is short yet to the point with the message you want to convey, making sure that you brand is seen and remembered.

Another point to remember is that videos appeal to our emotions and stimulate us to react so it’s imperative that your video has a theme which is emotionally-provoking to your audience and objectives are clearly set such as: your target audience, what you want out of your video, your budget as well as the target results you’re aiming for. Once all these factors are taken into consideration, it would be quite easy to jump in behind the camera and get the video rolling.

As mentioned on my prior post, authenticity will save your day. We forget that we appeal to an audience who go about their work, household chores and daily tasks everyday so hiring actors to get your brand across wouldn’t get as much impact as an ordinary person saying something similar “I feel you” lines. It is also important to note that your video script doesn’t sound stilted or “too scripted.” Go over the script a day before your intended shoot, read it loud a few times to get the hang of it that way you don’t look like you’re eyes are glued to the teleprompter instead of your audience.

The main purpose of making the video is for your viewers to get in touch with you, right? So make sure that your call-to-action include basic information like your contact number and/or your email address  which your audience can use to get in touch with you. Get them engaged by asking them to Like, Share, Comment on your video. The purpose of which is to get them empowered to do something while or after watching your video. If you get “personal” with your message, tendency is, your video get more shares thus reaching a wider audience than before.

The basics of course shouldn’t be forgotten. Make sure that you have the proper lighting and your audio is great otherwise it could make or break your video. Besides, how can you expect to get your message across your audience if they don’t understand a thing you say? The resolution to this is hiring a professional video marketing team that knows the proper video set-up and can work with you on your budget.

The impact of this announcement to the video marketing in Newport Beach means that we have to adjust our video strategy to make sure that companies who sign up for a video package with us will have their brands plastered on the first 10 seconds of the video. That is, if they so happen to decide to use their videos on their social media accounts specifically Facebook (which is usually a given). Otherwise, we will recommend the best possible way to market their video without the additional cost of Facebook ad-spending. Give us a a call or fill out the form to get your free 13 online presence reports, website analysis and much more! Click here to fill out the form for the 13 reports or just call 949)800-6990 today.