The goal of every business is to stand out from its competitors while making sure that it doesn’t hurt their pockets in the process. We need returns of investment to equal or exceed the effort and capital we have invested. The need to “get more for less” can only be achieved through the most popular and effective way to advertise: video marketing.

With over 45% of internet users watching at least one video per month and the fact that images are transmitted 60,000 times faster compared to text, companies should realize that visuals through video marketing plays a very important role in getting your message across to your customers and potential buyers. In fact, the buying decision of consumers are 52% influenced after they watched a video according to Invodo and as much as 800% of site conversion according to Orion 21 if the site has a video compared to those that don’t.

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The need for Video Marketing in Orange County to gear Business towards Growth and Increased ROI

What are the Effective Ways to do Video Marketing? 

  • Youtube. Do you know that it is the number 2 Search Engine used worldwide next to Google? With over 4 billion daily views,  marketing videos through Youtube should be a priority and make sure that it reflects your brand as viewers tend to stray after just a few seconds of watching.


  • Facebook. With its acquisition of video companies like QuickFire and gaining over a billion video views per day and 1.44 billion monthly users, Facebook is another great platform to market videos. Facebook has also made it a little easier for advertisers to market videos with its viewability metric changing from 3-seconds to 10-seconds, thus, increasing the likelihood of getting your brand seen and increasing your ROI in the process.


  •  Vlogging– With Google’s algorithm shifting more to content marketing and video marketing mix, video is a great and necessary addition to your own website to get better search engine ranking. Remember, it’s the visuals that attracted viewers/ potential buyers to your website in the first place and the important thing about it is 80% of the video ads viewers watch are remembered compared to plain text content.

Other platforms are also available to market your videos at like twitter, LinkedIn, and even through emails. As a matter of fact, introductory emails sent by companies with embedded videos get 96% click-throughs compared to  those that don’t.  This does not only allow you to get your customers to know the company more but also allows you to include them on your email lists for monthly newsletter campaigns.



How can Video Marketing be Effective? 


  • Make it Short. The saying that less is more when it comes to watchers/viewers attention span  should be considered in marketing a video. It appears that 37% of videos that are 30 seconds to a minute get shared compared to longer videos. Brands need to be seen within this period to increase product impression.


  • Businessmen also watch Videos. According to Forbes, 75% of businessmen visit business sites with work-related videos so video marketing is not just a tool to expand brand impression but a great way to gain and share insights and other valuable information with other executives too!


  • Duration of Visit. Websites with videos tend to make 88% of the viewers stay so post your videos on your landing page and homepage and provide your company’s introduction and product/service offerings along with it. Interlink the video to your sales funnel/ services page or product page to make site conversion easier.


  • Theme. Fun and comical videos attract more viewers and make them stay to the end. In fact, 39% of viewers say that funny/comical video contents is popular. People want to laugh at the same time get educated in the process so what better way to market your brand while getting your viewers entertained at the same time?


  • Go mobile. With shoppers making buying decisions after watching a video through their mobile devices, landing page or homepage with video(s) should be mobile-responsive.


  • Video ad-spending Projections. Over the next 3 years, video ad-spending is expected to increase from $5.96 billion last year to $12.82 billion by 2018 according to eMarketer. Companies are already marketing through videos, waiting would prolong your chances of getting on top and the less the impact it would cause when you finally act up.

The impact of this announcement to the video marketing in Orange County means that we have to adjust our video strategy to make sure that companies who sign up for a video package with us will have their brands plastered on the first 10 seconds of the video. That is, if they so happen to decide to use their videos on their social media accounts specifically Facebook (which is usually a given). Otherwise, we will recommend the best possible way to market their video without the additional cost of Facebook ad-spending. Give us a a call or fill out the form to get your free 13 online presence reports, website analysis and much more! Click here to fill out the form for the 13 reports or just call 949)800-6990 today.