QuickFire is a video company startup in San Diego, acquired recently by Facebook, whose main goal is to: “QuickFire Networks was founded on the premise that the current network infrastructure is not sufficient to support the massive consumption of online video without compromising video quality. QuickFire Networks solves this capacity problem via proprietary technology that dramatically reduces the bandwidth needed to view video online without degrading video quality,” according to its CEO Craig Y. Lee.

How important are videos to Facebook? and why is it acquiring video companies like QuickFire? The answer is this: The number of videos posted by individual Facebook users average a 75% increase worldwide last year, and 94% increase in the US alone. QuickFire will make it easier to post and view videos on Facebook. What does it mean to business owners engaged in video marketing?

Facebook’s Interest on Videos

Ad-spending is expected to rise dramatically over the next 3 years. In fact, according to eMarketer, video ad spending could rise from $5.96 billion in 2014 to an astronomical $12.82 billion in 2018. On the other hand, ad-spending on traditional TV in the same period is only expected at 15% (i.e. from $68.54 billion to $78.64 billion).

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Growth in Sales through Video Marketing with Ad Spending in Facebook

With its current Auto-play feature, Facebook has reported a 10% increase in its advertisers’ video engagement (i.e. views, likes, comments, shares) that has Premium Video Ads last March and a revenue rise of as much as 64%. Out of that total, 66% came from mobile device users compared to just only 49% last year. Facebook’s revenue rose three-fold with its video ads on mobile devices compared to Google’s search engine and text-based ads.

QuickFire’s acquisition means that users can upload the videos directly to Facebook instead of uploading it first to Youtube and then posting or sharing the link on the social media site. Facebook therefore has the ability to control what you watch ( including the ads) if it bypasses Youtube. In addition, it ensures that it is up to the trend with the latest technologies in video marketing compared to its competitor.

What it Means in Video Marketing For Business 

Faster upload without compromising the video quality means that business owners who invest in video ad-spending gets better and much-targeted engagement.

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Viral Marketing through Facebook Ad-spending in Newport Beach

Are you asking how? The more you use Facebook, the more time it has in tracking and linking your accounts to multiple third party apps and sites (and of course advertisers). It can use that data afterwards to display the ads “of interest” to you. With interest comes expected purchase of a product or service through the auto-played video ads you see, which is made with less bandwidth issues and better quality through QuickFire.

The impact of this announcement to the video marketing in Newport Beach means that we have to adjust our video strategy to make sure that companies who sign up for a video package with us will have their brands plastered on the first 10 seconds of the video. That is, if they so happen to decide to use their videos on their social media accounts specifically Facebook (which is usually a given). Otherwise, we will recommend the best possible way to market their video without the additional cost of Facebook ad-spending. Give us a a call or fill out the form to get your free 13 online presence reports, website analysis and much more! Click here to fill out the form for the 13 reports or just call 949)800-6990 today.